Some Things of Interest

Dear Quogue Residents,

As I mentioned in my email to you on May 24, the Village sought bids for the reconstruction of Jessup Avenue and some of the sidewalks from Quogue Street to the Police Station, with work to be done in the Fall. We have had a meeting with the low bidder, South Fork Asphalt, which has done work for the Village in the past, and are awaiting a proposed plan for staging the project so as to keep Jessup Avenue at least partially open at all times. Some inconvenience is inevitable, however, but we will do our best to make it as bearable as possible. Work is projected to start on September 13. It is necessary to start then to assure that asphalt can be laid before the cold weather sets in.

Here is a tip for your outside grilling that is prompted by a recent fire in the Village: make sure that you check the innards of your outside barbecue setup to make sure that they are free of grease buildup. Also check the hose from the propane tank to the grill to make sure that it is not cracked and is in good shape. Finally, make sure that there is separation of at least several feet between an operating grill and your house. A hot grill close to the house will heat the shingles, and a fire in the grill can easily spread to the house.

Staying in the realm of the Fire Department, we have had a few instances recently of oblivious drivers not observing or ignoring the flashing blue (in civilian vehicles) or red (in official vehicles) lights of firefighters responding to alarms. The correct thing to do is to pull over as soon as you can do so safely in order to let the firefighter pass.

The annual Fire Department Open House will resume this year and be held on Sunday, August 1 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. The Department has an added event this year—there will be a concert on the Village Green immediately afterwards featuring the band Urban Acoustics, which plays “Party Rock” spanning six decades of modern, classic and alternative hits. There has to be something in there that you like! Bring your own blanket or lawn chair and hang out for a while on our Green. The Quogue Junior Theater Troupe’s production of the musical Pippin is coming to the stage in the Quogue Community Hall on August 3-6. I have been listening to these talented young people, ages 14 to 19, hard at work in rehearsals, and I am sure that the show will be a good one. Tickets are now on sale.

Plan to allocate some of your day on Saturday, August 14 to attend the Quogue Historical Society’s Art Show on the Village Green. Many of our talented local artists as well as others from farther away will have exhibits. Stop by and purchase a conversation piece for your Quogue house that will intrigue your guests.

There seem to be more people than ever walking, running and biking on the Village streets. It is great that people are getting exercise, but for your own safety remember the rules of the road: walk and run on the left (against the traffic) and ride on the right. And no matter how sleek you think your body may be, if you are in Quogue, you have to wear a shirt (as Olympians do).

Electric-assisted bikes and electric scooters are newish forms of transportation occasionally seen in Quogue. Although they are not required to be registered as motor vehicles in New York, they are regulated by the State. An individual has to be at least 16 years old to operate an electric-assisted bike or an electric scooter. Helmets are required on scooters for people age 16 or 17. These devices can only be operated on streets that have a speed limit of 30 mph or less and therefore have to stay off Montauk Highway and the Quogue-Riverhead Road. The maximum speed at which electric scooters may operate is 15 mph. Pedestrians have the right of way, but I would watch out for these two wheelers just the same.

Homeowners should remember that the Village-owned rights of way for the Village streets are wider than the actual pavement. While the width of the rights of way do vary, as a rule of thumb they extend from the edge of the pavement past the utility poles and fire hydrants, which are within the rights of way. Gateposts, stakes and the like should not be placed in the right of way. Belgian blocks and other driveway borders should not extend all the way to the street lest they be wiped out by a snow plow or damage the plow. Planting trees in the right of way requires permission of the Village, and objects placed in the right of way are subject to being removed.

Lastly, while I have not heard of any new Covid-19 cases in Quogue recently, we have all read about the highly contagious Delta variant and the indoor mask mandate being reinstated in Los Angeles. There has been no such action in New York, but it is time to be aware of your surroundings and be cautious, particularly when indoors. If you know of anyone who is not fully vaccinated, keep urging them to get vaccinated. We have all seen stories of people who hesitated too long.

There is a lot going on. Enjoy the summer.

Peter Sartorius Mayor