Library Grand Opening, Quogue Association and more

Dear Quogue Residents,

If you have driven along Quogue Street lately (and what Quogue resident hasn’t?), you have undoubtedly noticed the renovated and expanded Library building rapidly taking shape. The Grand Opening will be next Saturday, June 26th, and everyone is invited. Get there at 1:00 pm to witness the formal flag raising, a moving rendition of America the Beautiful and the opening ceremonies. They will be followed by tours of the building (which has received rave reviews in early, unauthorized leaks) conducted by the Library Trustees and Staff, lots of activities inside and out, music and refreshments throughout the afternoon until 5:00 pm. If you want to exercise the right side of your brain and make a lasting impression, you are invited to come dressed as your favorite book character. You will also have a chance to place a note in a time capsule to be opened in 50 years. Normal operations at the new Library building will commence next Sunday.

Mark your calendars for the first Quogue Association event of the summer, the annual beach party on July 17th at the Village Beach. (The duck race, the timing of which is tide dependent, will return this year in August along with the concert at the Village dock.) If you are not a person who supports this organization by being a member (for the modest sum of $40 per year plus any additional contribution you would like to make), you should. Among other things, It maintains the landscaping at the Village Dock, the west entrance to Quogue from Montauk Highway, Post Lane Circle, and the intersection of Post Lane and Dune Road. Recent projects that it fully or partially funded include the restoration of the Nachum Chapin Anchor at the Quogue Library, replacement of the Village Clock at the Village Pond, installation of the beautiful serpentine bench on the Village Green, and placement of a resting bench at the intersection of Old Depot and Scrub Oak Roads. It also emails a useful monthly newsletter to members.

Joining the Quogue Association is not difficult. Go to its website at and follow the directions. If you are technologically challenged or just prefer the traditional means of making payments, send your name and email address with your check to the Quogue Association at PO Box 671 in Quogue.

Most of you have observed the renovations going on at the Village-owned building at 121 Jessup Avenue over the last nine months or so. The Building Department and Code Enforcement are now located in that building, and Bill Nowak, Tom Snodgrass, Stephanie Wagner and Chris Osborne have their offices there. You can go there directly if you have business with those Departments and reach them directly at 631-653-4555. Great thanks are due to former Trustee Jeanette Obser, who handled many of the building and furnishing details even after she left the Board of Trustees. Thank you, Jeanette!

As many of you know, there have been several incidents of vandalism on the boardwalk across the marshlands on the east end of Dune Road. I am happy to report that over the weekend the Quoque Police charged a suspect in the most recent incident. Good work by the police!

We very much want you to come to town to patronize our local merchants, play on the Village Green with your kids or grandkids or simply hang out there with your coffee and newspaper. Here is a traffic ticket alert when you do, however: Village Lane is still a one-way road (heading west), and U-turns are still illegal on Jessup Avenue. The Village is not looking to fill its coffers with revenue from traffic fines, but we are interested in avoiding accidents. The extra time to go around the block won’t kill you. The alternative, who knows?

With bicycle season in full swing, a few things are worth noting. Suffolk County recently enacted a new law that requires motorists to give bicycles at least three feet of space when passing. Fines are up to $225. On the other hand, bicyclists should recognize their own responsibilities. They are required by law to ride near the right-hand edge of the road and to ride single file when a motor vehicle is approaching. Generally, laws applicable to motorists apply to bicyclists as well. Distracted driving laws might apply, for example, and so put away the cell phone and don’t send or read texts when you’re riding. Kids under age 14 are required to wear a bike helmet, but it’s good practice for the rest of us as well. We do not have a spare head.

At the last Board of Trustees meeting, we held public hearings on the laws mentioned in my email dated May 24, 2021  and at the end of the meeting enacted the proposed laws. They relate to limiting the hours for use of gas-powered leaf blowers, eliminating nuisance lighting and overnight lighting (other than minimalist security lighting), and prohibiting smoking on certain Village-owned properties. The text of these laws is attached to the agenda for the June 18, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting (here).

Thank you to all those who turned out last Friday for the uncontested election for two Trustee positions. Over 100 people voted, and Randy Cardo and Ted Necarsulmer were re-elected.

Lastly, Village tax bills were mailed about three weeks ago, and payment is due by July 1. If you did not get your bill, there is likely a problem with your address, and so call the Village Office at 631-653-4498.

Enjoy the summer, everyone.

Peter Sartorius