Rules of Quogue Roads

Dear Quogue residents,

We surely have a record number of people using our roads for walking, jogging and biking.  That is understandable.  Most of us have plenty of time on our hands and do not have many other outlets for exercise.  I have had a number of people ask me to outline the rules and etiquette for pedestrians and riders and so here they are:

  1. Walkers and joggers should be on the side of the road that is against the oncoming automobile traffic.  That allows you to see the vehicles most likely to kill or maim you (and jump out of the way if necessary) rather than just hear them coming from behind and hold your breath hoping they see you.  One has to maintain at least six feet between him or her and all walking companions not living in the same household.  That may result in some spread across the road, but obviously you have to revert to single file if you encounter a vehicle. Walkers and joggers overtaking a slower group should yield the side of the road to the slower group and not pass until the traffic allows ample room to do so.  It is nice to give a word of warning before you are right alongside them.
  2. Bikers should be riding on the side of the road that is with the flow of automobile traffic. (In New York, doing so is required by law.) Occasionally they will encounter pedestrians who did not read paragraph 1 and are on the same side of the road.  That is not a reason to yell at the offending person or group or pass as closely as you can in order to make a statement.  Wait until you can give them a wide berth and then pass with a little advance warning.  A polite reminder to walk opposing the traffic would be all right as long as it is not accompanied by a dirty look.  This pandemic shows signs of being a long journey, and civility is important.
  3. Have a facemask with you at least and wear it whenever you are not able to consistently maintain six feet of separation from others.  Governor Cuomo’s order mandating masks goes into effect at 8:00 pm on Friday, April 17th.  There are residents of Quogue who are making cloth masks to share with our community.  If you are a Quogue resident you can call the Village Office to get contact information.

 Peter Sartorius, Mayor